4 small yet important pages to revisit on your yoga teacher website!

Dec 14, 2020

If you’ve build your own yoga teacher website, you’ve probably scratched your head and yelled at the computer. When I started building my first yoga teacher website, I really struggled with what to share on my website, from colors to photos to actual copy content.

I’m not gonna lie, there are many things to think about when you are building a website. I created this guide because I realized that as I was building websites for yoga teachers, we would always get stuck when it comes to copy. Writing can sometimes be the hardest thing to do because it feels very vulnerable.

And that’s OK.

As a web designer, I love creating a welcoming online home that visually exudes how you describe yourself as a yoga teacher. But, what often gets overlooked is your written communication with the people who are landing on your website.

What I’m trying to say is… spend some time with the copy on your website. I typically tell folks that website copy takes 2 weeks from the beginning stages to letting the words marinate.

So whether you currently have a website or you are thinking of building one, this article will only take you less than 5 minutes to read (Yes, I timed myself). Do yourself a favor and read this to help you with what to write on each page of your yoga teacher website.

Look for this 🚨if you want a quick scan through.


  1. Home

  2. About page

  3. Classes and Events

  4. Programs (Teacher training/retreat)

First, let’s look at your HOMEPAGE

The first page of a yoga teacher website is called the homepage, some call it the hero page! This is like where people judge you on the firmness of your handshake and according to google, people take 10-20 seconds to decide.. EEEKK that is quick AF.

So you 🎵 gotta catch em all *pokemon* anyone?

So let’s take a look at this dope homepage shall we and break it down:

Tagline is kind of like a slogan. Summarizing years of experience into one or two sentences is the hardest to do. What makes a tagline captivating, is the emotion that it carries. One of my favorite taglines is by Outdoor Voices ‘Doing Things’. Short, simple and clear.

Bio summary: There is not one way to write a bio summary, but I do recommend to clients to add their pronouns, what land they occupy, what do you do and who do you serve? And for the most important piece, share a quirky fact about yourself

🚨For example, I’m (name). My pronouns are (____), I occupy (check out native-land.ca) land, a (state)based (type of business). I support/serve (insert community). When I’m not on my mat, I am watching dance competitions on netflix!

*To find out what land you are occupying, use native-land.ca to honor the indigenous people who’s land was stolen from them. 

Class Schedule: As a yoga student, this is one of the most important pieces of information I look for when I am on a yoga teacher’s website. I want to know when their classes are and how I can take class with them. I love that yoga classes are virtual now, so I get to take classes with teachers like Octavia Raheem and Jason Crandell. 6am classes are now part of my routine because I get to wake up at 5:50am and do yoga in my PJs. Virtual classes are not going anywhere!

Featured Event: As a yoga teacher, we often have special classes or workshops that we are offering – so make sure you add that to the homepage as well! An easy tip I have is to share your social media flyer on your homepage.

Testimonial: Share a testimonial or two on the homepage of your yoga teacher website. Remember that people want to see you succeed. I recommend asking students who have taken your class. I practice being really upfront and letting them know that their testimonial will be used on my website, are they ok with sharing their thoughts about class?

🚨If you host workshops or events, it is a good idea to have a feedback form for your students to answer. One of my favorite questions to ask is in the format of a ‘FILL IN THE BLANK’. I learned ___________ from your workshop and it helped me _______________________________.

Second page you should be paying attention to: Your About page.

Your About Page is just waiting for your personality to shine and sparkle!!! It’s storytelling. There’s not a specific formula to writing your story but if you’re looking for a place to start, it’s requires some reflection before you share your story with the world. I collaborated with a friend and colleague, Tristan Katz, on a website workbook to help you have create copy that is authentic to your voice.

When I learned about SEO with outandbeyond, Aisha Preece shared with me that when Google searches your About me page, it is searching for credibility and reliability. So it’s important here to balance out your persona with any professional affiliations such as certifications that you’d like to share. Add a small section in your About me page with logos. And, if you are an ambassador to any industry related organization, like a fitness brand or non-profit, it’s a good idea to add that section as well onto your website.

As yoga is not my lineage, it is important to honor our teachers and the tradition of yoga. Some of my favorite ways I’ve seen people honor the tradition of yoga is through recognizing who their teachers are and explaining where yoga originated from.

Third is… Can people find your classes in about 15 seconds

As a tagline to this page, describe what students can expect from your class. Some details to consider including is:


Cadence of class.

Props they may need.

How will they expect to feel at the end of class.

I know this seems pretty straightforward, remember to share the time, day, name of class and studio name if you are teaching at different studios. If you happen to have your own virtual studio, I have found that having a downloadable version of your schedule also makes it easy for your students.

🚨AND guess what, you can make this downloadable schedule an email freebie.

Also, don’t forget your Call To Action (CTA)

Make your CTA a fun one, some phrases that I like to use are:

  • Save your spot.

  • Yes, please!

  • Here for it.

  • Wouldn’t wanna miss this.

Lastly…. Add Events and/or Programs tab on your Navigation Menu

So that it is easy to find special classes, workshops, weekend immersions or community yoga classes that you facilitate. Programs are learning experiences that take a longer time to complete such as 200-hr Teacher Trainings, 45 hour continued education, and specialized training such as Accessible Yoga Teacher Training and Yin Yoga Teacher training.

In the online world, these special offerings are most likely online and can be done anywhere. From my experience building yoga teacher websites, I do recommend a page where all your events are listed from current to future events.

My personal favorite, is a calendar format especially if you have more than 5 speaking engagements per month.

🚨I love attaching a downloadable file with a program breakdown like a 300hr Teacher Training program, so that folks can have all the information they need to know. Being an Assistant Studio Manager for a yoga studio, the two main concerns that students always have before enrolling in a program is time and money. So, practice CLEAR is KIND on your website and share the price and the time commitment to your program so that they can decide for themselves weather the program is the right fit for them.

Most likely, they’ll have more questions. So, I recommend having a button on your website that links to an appointment calendar for them to BOOK A CALL with you. You can create an appointment calendar using Calendly or Acuity. Both of these will connect to your google calendar or iCal.

See… I told you it took less than 5 minutes! If you’d like to book a website audit, book a call with me, to find out how we can work together to help you upgrade your website copy!