created by tristan katz and raudhah rahman

This in-depth 35 page workbook is meant to support you in the process of building your own clear, easy to navigate, and thoughtful website. Through writing prompts—intended to invite your free-writing, which you can then edit and turn into website copy (aka communication, storytelling, or narrative text), tips on marketing, branding, and more, we hope to help you move through the sometimes scary and overwhelming task of carving out a home on the internet. And we personally know how tricky it can be to describe the work we do in the world! The prompts offered here will guide you in reflecting on the core essence of who you are and what it is you offer.

website workbook

community - $20

sustainer - $40

supporter - $30

sliding scale

This resource is available at a discounted rate, and on a sliding scale, in order to serve the broadest range of community members as we navigate this uncertain time.

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4 small yet important pages to revisit on
your website.

These pages are your home, about, classes/events and programs. What often gets overlooked is your written communication with the people who are landing on your website.